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Plugin adds "Extra shortcodes": [bloginfo show="name"], [site_title], [site_desc], [site_url], [date format="Y-m-d"], [time], [year], [month], [month_name], [day], [weekday].

  • [bloginfo show="name"] - bloginfo params;
  • [site_name] - Name of the site;
  • [site_desc] - Description of the site;
  • [site_url] - http://site.url;
  • [wp_version] - 3.3.1 (WordPress version);
  • [date format="Y-m-d"] - php date format params;
  • [date format="F" timestamp="+1 months"] - April (on March);
  • [date format="Y-m-d" timestamp="+25 days"] - 2012-04-23 (on 2012-03-29);
  • [date format="Y" timestamp="+1 years"] - 2013 (on 2012);
  • [time format="H:i:s"] - php time format params;
  • [year] - 2012, [year plus="3"] - 2015, [year minus="2"] - 2010;
  • [month] - 3 (in march), [month plus="3"] - 6, [month minus="2"] - 1, [month plus="11"] - 12 (12 is maximum and it is not looped by default), [month plus="11" loop="1"] - 2 (14, but with loop it becomes 2=14-12);
  • [month_name] - March;
  • [day] - 8, [day plus="3"] - 11, [day minus="2"] - 6, [day plus="30"] - 31 (31 is maximum number of days for current month and it is not looped by default), [day plus="30" loop="1"] - 7 (38, but with loop it becomes 7=38-31);
  • [weekday] - Friday;
  • [hours] - 17;
  • [minutes] - 35;
  • [seconds] - 59;

25 comments on “Extra-shortcodes

  1. Rodrigo Zamorano

    Hello, very useful plugin, thank you. I have a question. How could I show the name if the day and the month in the language I want? Now it shows in english and I want in spanish. Greetings from Chile.

    • webvitaly Post author

      Try this shortcode: [date_i18n format="l jS \\of F Y h:i:s A" timestamp="+2 years +3 months -20 days -10 hours +30 minutes"]

  2. Love it - wish this had a Birthday feature - so you could define a date in the past and have WordPress / PHP calculate the number of years *since* that date.

    In business for [birthday_year="2002"] years.

    Renders as:
    In business for 12 years.

    • Don't see the code that you referred to.

      I am like Kel, what is a solution to show number of years in business or such.

      Like he suggested:

      In business [code ] years.

      Output as

      In business 15 years.

      I tried using the timestamp options using a timestamp="-1997" but it outputs 70 when it should be outputting 17 (INO). That business start year is 1997. Thanks

        • If it's helpful, I did ultimately find this plugging Age Calculator which does specifically do the Birthday style calculations - It's out of date, but still working. And doesn't try to do all of the other things that "Extra-shortcodes" can do.

  3. Hi, your extension Extra-Shortcode is wonderful, but there is a trouble... if I switch from "Source editor mode" into "HTML Viewer mode", my Shortcodes are automatically modified and break my links :(
    Please, can you fix this ?

    • webvitaly Post author

      Sorry, but I don't know right now how to fix it.
      Maybe I will find out in future and this will be fixed in next releases of the plugin.

      • I hope you find a solution to this very quickly, because it is very disabling :(

        I tried to add something in "function.php" but it doesn't work...

        All is stripped :(

  4. oh my god thank you! All afternoon I've been trying to mess with php code to get something working on my site and just 5 mins after downloading this plugin my problem is solved! Where's the donate button!

  5. How can I have the "month_name plus 1" so instead of it showing the current month name 'March' it shows 'April'


    • webster Post author

      Update your "Extra-shortcodes" plugin to version 1.2
      and try this shortcode: [month_name plus="2"]

      You may also use this shortcode:
      [date format="l jS \\of F Y h:i:s A" timestamp="+2 years +3 months -20 days -10 hours +30 minutes"]

    • Hello Arjan, if you go to WordPress Settings > General > Timezone to set the timezone, this lets Extra-shortcodes know what local time is. Great Plugin, Thanks!!

      • Brenton Bills

        Any chance you can do this to make sure the timezone is getting read correctly?

        before everything
        date_default_timezone_set( get_option( 'timezone_string' ) );


        set it back

        • webvitaly Post author

          get_option( 'timezone_string' ); - returns empty string and this option is empty in database.
          date_default_timezone_set( get_option( 'timezone_string' ) ); - throw an error.
          What I am making wrong?
          I use WordPress 3.8.1 and enabled debug mode.

          • Brenton Bills

            As far as I know by default it should be UTC by default unless the user has set that in their admin. Maybe the code I wrote above is not foolproof and you would have to test if the timezone_string is infact set, if it is then do the date_default_timezone_set. Basically if I didn't do the above I had all my times in the timezone of the computer not the time I'd set in my wordpress admin.

            • webvitaly Post author

              I updated Extra-shortcodes plugin and added new param: [date format="h:i:s A" use_wordpress_timezone="1"] to [date] shortcode

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